Me Before You – Book Review


I’m currently sitting with tears pouring down my face as I’ve just finished reading this book. I should have left myself settle down before reviewing but I want to get all my feelings down.

I’d like to say the cover does not do this book justice. It conveys this book is a bland read, but it’s a very heartbreaking story, and this may be difficult for many readers. I really enjoyed the first person POV, and how the change of emotion and character was shown throughout the book. I would have loved to read a chapter from Will’s perspective, though I know how hard it would have been for the author, to actually try to be in a mindset of a quadriplegic. I’m in total awe by the author for creating such a readable book. The language was straight forward as it included some satirical conversations which made it very realistic. Having read this book, really does bring the thought of having a blessed life. For example, most people can walk, talk, do things individually which gradually builds your independence, right? Knowing Will’s illness and having to know he has to rely on Nathan or Lou for everything is shocking because most humans on this earth don’t. I realised that I appreciate my life so much and want to be involved with anything to help people in or similar situations as Will. The writing is effortless yet the story is invested with so much emotion. I’m left grief-stricken, devastated and happily resigned at how the story ended. This story has officially left me tied up in a huge mixture of emotions, but still satisfied with having read it.


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