Pride & Prejudice – Book Review


This novel has got to be one of my favorite love stories of all time. It had put my dictionary into good use as well. I was slow in the first couple of pages, however, coming to end, I was like a driver going at 100mph, eager to reach the finish line.

At the beginning I was quite frustrated at how Jane Austen addressed her characters as Miss Bennet, though I must duly mention that there are five Miss Bennets. It did take sometime to get use to the various nicknames, but I got the handle of it in the middle of novel. My hatred for Mrs Bennet is tremendous. She had no talent in being a mother and have no notions into leading her five daughters to a better future. The only thing she prioritises is to get her five daughters married as soon as possible. She was so furious with Lydia when she ran away with Wickham, but seemed to have forgotten it as soon as news of marriage was ensued. I’ve never seen a women as fickle-minded as her in my life, or in a novel. Nor do I ever wish to meet one. Lydia Bennet is the youngest Bennet. She is emotional and immature. She lacks parental supervision on the parts of both her mother and father. It took a while for me to comprehend how Jane and Elizabeth turned out to be well bred, considering the type of mother they are born with. Also, knowing how I find Elizabeth Bennet one of the strongest, most complex characters ever written.

Now, enough of what I hate of the book. This is a genuine love story. When I was reading the novel for the first time I was on the edge of my seat to see whether they would end up together. Even now, as I have read the novel at least five times I still feel anxious during the beginning of their relationship. Mr. Darcy is so cruel to Elizabeth and says hateful things about Elizabeth and her family so I was intrigued when she forgave him, let alone loved him. Despite his hateful behavior towards her, I personally think Mr Darcy’s only reason to that was because he was too proud to admit he loved her. But he has helped her in so many ways, and he needed no credit for it. He hid his love for her for so long, it was endearing. I’ve fallen in love with Mr Darcy. His love was completely harmless and naive, but it was so deep.

Indeed, in the end it was a victory. Elizabeth Bennet was lucky to love and to be loved in return by a man like Mr Fitzwilliam Darcy, despite the troubles their love had to endure.


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